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Cleaning of chemicals
The salarollpump system can be used for chemical clean up as no mechanical components will come in contact with the discharged media.

The hose inside the pump housing is made of nitril which is resistant to many chemicals. Other hose material can be supplied on request.

Combination of high temperatures and aggressive chemicals may reduce the lifetime of the hose. It is recommended to replace the pump hose after a clean up of aggressive chemicals. The chart below indicates values estimated for normal clean up. The length of the test was decided from an estimated time for a normal rescue situation. In some cases it could be longer.

Importantly, the salarollpump can handle temperatures of 100 degrees C (212 degrees F) and may increase to 130 degrees C (266 degrees F).

When pumping flammable products the system must be grounded to the earth as illustrated.

The power pack can be placed in a location that prevents contact with flammable products and fumes.


The Salarollpump is a unique patented system with extremely strong suction, high discharge pressure, solids handling capabilities and is safe to use in hazardous environments. It is powerful and portable pumping system developed for the clean up of oil, chemicals and other high viscous and polluted liquids. 

The Salarollpump is ideal for: 
  • pumping extremely high viscous liquids, corrosive chemicals and debris laden (40 mm, 1½" solids) liquids.
  • skimmer off loading
  • hazardous environments
  • shore line Clean-up
  • emergency Respons operations
  • deployment in remote areas due to a combination of handling weight and portability
  • slurry removal from tanks and general liquid transfer 

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