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Axon Miljöteknik (Axon Environment Technique) develops and produces filtering systems to clean soil and water. The product range is based on the Axon Miljöfilter© (Environment Filter), a trouble-free system using a natural filter material, which are made from peat or compost. The filter materials are free from chemicals, to prevent oil and other organic pollutants from reaching the ground water.
Axon Miljöteknik is currently increasing the capacity for "Total Care Contract", employing more personnel to replace filter cassettes and to take care of the saturated absorbent in accordance with the service agreement. Taking care of fully automatic systems according to an agreed plan is another task for the skilled field service personnel.
Our company is very focused on developing new methods and products. We cooperate with 
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) in Uppsala (Sweden) and Danish agricultures' research(Jordbrugsforskning) in Slagelse (Denmark), to development of filter systems that are based on natural materials and principles.
You are most welcome to contact us with any of your pollution problems, we look forward to   come up with an efficient solution that fits your needs.
Our premises permit advanced testing and research activities... We have a testing facility where we test & verify that our customers solutions full fill their specific needs. Development, manufacturing and overall activity are likewise under the same roof, as. We have developed a computer software that assist to making an easy and reliable dimensioning of your filtering system.


The Axon Environment Filter model Basic consists of a collecting basin connected to a filter well. You can easily install the filter system yourself.
The collecting basin is made of polypropen and HDPE plastic, with a lifetime of at least 100 years. The standard size is 6 x 9 m, with a depth of 0,4 m., creating a total volume of 16 m3. The accumulating volume is 9,5 m3, and the maximum flow 1 litre / second.
The basin is dug down 0,50 to 1,0 m below ground, it should be placed on a 0,1 m sand. The inclination is towards the outflow pipe, which can be connected on any side of the basin. It is filled with 0,1m sand or a protective ground textile sheet. The basin is covered with gravel or any other pervious material.
The filter well has an outer diameter of 0,6-0,8 m and a depth of 1,90 m. It takes 5 filter cassettes with an individual height 0,2 m, each cassette volume is 50 litres. The cassettes have a diameter of 0,575 m and are filled with mechanically treated peat or compost absorbent. The design of the cassettes controls the water flow to allow the absorbent to retain hydrocarbons and other organic pollutants. It is easy to check if the filter cassettes are saturated. Replacing them is an easy task as well.
The connecting pipe, diameter is 110 mm, allowing a flow of 5 litres /second at an inclination of 0.5°. The inlet pipe is connected above the filter cassettes, lower rim is 1,125 m above the base of the well. The outlet pipe is 0,05 m above the base of the well.
Tests at Luleå Technical University verify that the water is cleaned to at least 99.3 % of dispersing organic pollutants. This is 1000 times more efficient than a conventional oil separator. None-dispersing solutions are cleaned to 100%. The system is modular and easy to adapt for any demand.

Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

Environmental Aspects
It is very important to protect ground and surface water from oil leaking from for instance tank stations

Application examples

The base product in the product platform is the Axon Miljöfilter©, with it's natural filtering material. After full saturation the Filter absorbent becomes a natural resource through a biodegradable composting process. It can be used as a source of energy in the form of fuel by incineration. A number of innovative solutions have been created around the Miljöfiltret.
The product range is flexible and makes it easy to design a custom made filtering systems, from units protecting refuelling places on farms to technically advanced automatic systems for very large flows.

  •   Filling Stations

  •   Industries and dumps

  • Chemicals in the agriculture



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