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The X10 is a solar collector that simultaneously generates the two most used forms of energy in the daily life: heat and electricity. This is possible as it combines a photovoltaic panel and a solar thermal collector in the same module.  
It consists of a cylinder-parabolic reflector that concentrates the light of the sun ten times onto the receiver. It is equipped with the latest generation of photovoltaic technology and a solar tracking system. For the tracking special electrical custom-designed high quality linear actuators are used. The objective is to automatically turn the X10 so that the sunlight always is focused onto the cells. The tracking system has a built in program that automatically protects the photovoltaic cells from being overheated or from storms. If the temperature exceeds a certain value, the X10 automatically turns away the receiver from the sun. 
The solar tracking system is controlled by a PLC control system, the heart of an X10 installation. Its main function is to see to that the X10 follows the sun throughout all the day. It also includes a integrated web server that allows the remote control of X10 from any computer connected to the internet. The X10 can be installed on the ground as much as on a roof top thanks to its robust construction. The construction is optimized for installations larger than 20m2. The X10 is offered in four different lengths; 6, 10, 14 and 18 meters. These different lengths can be linked together in series for installations without any surface restrictions, i.e. everything between 20m2 - 100 000 m2 are possible installations with the X10.
By combining the above components into one product, one gets a cost-efficient and easy-to-install solar energy system. The X10 is with all its built-in functions one of a kind and has introduced a new era in solar energy.


There are several advantages with the Double Solar Technology™ as compared to normal solar PV and Thermal systems, for example:
  1. Optimizes the utilization of one’s roof space, in terms of solar energy production.
  2. Lower total installation costs, due to lees piping and wiring and the fact that the system includes a tracking system, PLC, legs etc.
  3. Produces more thermal heat in wintertime, compared to normal thermal collectors
  4. Thermal system never overheats, thanks to the smart design of the PLC/tracking system.
  5. Only one single system is needed to produce both thermal heat and electricity.
  6. Lower environmental impact, according to life cycle analysis the impact is only ¼ compared to normal PV panels

Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

Environmental Aspects
Solar Technology gives a possibility to replace fossil and nuclear power with renewable energy

Economic Aspects
The total energy output is increased to 40-50%, as compared to a normal PV panel with 10-20% efficiency. This gives the possibility to optimize the utilization of roof space at a reduced cost.

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