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Vertical instead of horizontal axis of rotation
The wind turbines developed by Vertical Wind AB, have a vertical axis of rotation whereas conventional turbines rotate around a horizontal axis. A vertical axis wind turbine absorbs wind from any direction. Therefore, no yawing mechanism is needed, as for horizontal axis wind turbines.
The wind turbine developed at Vertical Wind is more robust and simpler than traditional wind turbines and has a good lifetime economy. The wind turbine’s availability, reliability and cost efficiency is a result of the thorough design process using interdisciplinary competence as well as cutting edge knowledge in a large number of areas such as aerodynamicsstructural mechanicsand electricity. In these areas Vertical Wind actively works with modern analysing tools and the development of the technology is done in close collaboration with the researchers at the Division for Electricity at Uppsala University, where wind power research have been ongoing since 2000


Vertical Wind AB is a research company based in Sweden which develops and manufactures advanced wind power technology. The company was founded 2002 by researhers at the Division for Electricity and Lightning Research of Uppsala University, Energy Potential AB and Uppsala universitets Utveckling AB in order to commercialize some of the ideas spawned from academic research in wind energy.
In April 2008 Vertical Wind expanded from ideas and patents to an operational company seated in Uppsala, Sweden.
In October 2009 Vertical Wind accuired a production facility in Falkenberg, Sweden where production of the 200kW system was set up.

Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

Environmental Aspects

The wind turbine is insensitive to wind direction and generates significantly less noise than traditional wind turbines. Wind Turbines produce absolutely CO2 free electricity.

Social Aspects (related to the work conditions)

Easier maintenance due to fewer mowing parts

Economic Aspects
  • Low investment costs
  • Low cost of service and maintenance
  • Longer service life than today's wind turbines can provide.

Application examples

New Vertical axis wind turbine systems for medium sized applications. The 200kW can be placed close to the consumption point granting urban wind power for SME, commercial buildings and factories that want to improve their consumption profile and make a good deal for electricity at the same time.



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