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Description of Saber measuring system.
The measuring system provide of Saber professional and Saber web-portal. All measurements are accessible for the user. Saber Professional makes it possible to have several meters connected which enables monitoring and measurements of all or parts of the build­ings, premises, activities and their resource consumption.
The resource consumption can then be used to direct the prop­erty’s functions and prioritize correct property maintenance. Saber Professional is easy to install. Saber Professional supports meters for district heating-, electric-, gas- and water measure­ment.
As a customer you choose to implement all profitable energy savings actions proposed after, for example, an energy certification. That way property owners or users can both save money and win goodwill.
Saber web-portal is adjustable for each user.
Energy savings and finance will be affected further by correct feedback to the users of the building which, in fact, are the ones that consumes energy.
KYAB has for this purpose developed the concept of Green Business as an external certificate that the user with the help of KYAB’s products and services has a controlled energy consumption.
Business and other activities can by the implementation of KYAB’s products and services and with continues controlled energy consumption be certified for Green Business.
Besides Saber measurement system KYAB offers education and Saber Visualizer.
Saber Green Business System with visualizing are for screens from 10” and upwards and for cellphones such as Iphone och Android.


Our patented solution consists of two parts:
  • Measurement of energy consumption in real-time distributed electricity Water and District.
  • Visualization of energy use as a pedagogically describes Consumption.
These together provide the end user the opportunity to influence their Consumption, control costs and gives easier Energy Declaration

Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

Environmental Aspects
Saving energy means also saving of resources

Economic Aspects
Saber measurement system help you as property owner to save energy and money by providing better control over your energy consumption.
Measurements, analysis and advice can make it possible to lower your energy consumption with 20 %.
Average house consumes 25 000 kWh, retail can reduce their
consumption of 5000 kWh, ie about 500 -1000Euro / year

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