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The R718 water chiller works according to the compression principle as the standard water chillers but uses the non-harmful refrigerant water (R718). The biggest challenge of this technology is the pressure ratio which is 7.2 between the high and low pressure side at an evaporation temperature of 4°C compared to 2.8 of an R134a chiller and the high specific volume of water. For a cooling capacity of 1000 kW and an evaporation temperature of 4°C, the suction volume is 60 m3/s for R718 while it is only 0.3 for R134a. R718 water chillers can be used for the replacement of all standard chillers due to its eco-friendly and non-hazardous characteristics.


The main advantage of the technique is that it uses the natural refrigerant water (R718) which has a GWP of zero. The standard technique uses the fluorinated compound R134a with a GWP of 1300. Due to leakage of R134a and other fluorinated gases into the atmosphere, refrigeration applications have a considerable greenhouse effect in addition to the impact resulting from electricity consumption. Furthermore, water is cheap, non-toxic and easily available. In addition to the completely avoided direct greenhouse gas emissions, the R718 chiller is also more energy efficient than standard water chillers since water is refrigerant and refrigerant medium at the same time. Thus, losses due to heat transfer are prevented.

Water has no harmful characteristics compared to other refrigerants such as ammonia (R717) which is toxic. It is non-combustible like propane (R290) and there is no danger of suffocation in case of an accident and a resulting heavy emission of HFC refrigerant. Water has no global warming potential like the most commonly used HFC-refrigerants R134a and R410A (GWP=1975).

Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

Design of a compression chiller which applies water as a refrigerant for air conditioning and refrigeration purposes by the ILK Dresden is poineering work in sustainable refrigeration technology.

Application examples

The “Glaeserne Manufaktur”, owned by the automotive company VW, is air conditioned with an R718 chiller.


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