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An intelligent street lamp called LED CLEVEO made by LEDIKO, is being entered to the competition. This provided with energy saving LED’s lamp is equipped with an innovative optical system, which helps to achieve highly efficient lighting of the streets, and an intelligent digital controller, that is responsible for a precise adjustment of the lamp operating parameters to existing environmental conditions and requirements of the entire lighting system. The CLEVEO street lamp was designed in order to maximize reduction of the electric energy consumption, minimize the loss caused by illumination beyond the street and obtain as long light source life as possible. The CLEVEO lamp has been created to substitute the conventional lead-containing discharge lamps and is made from environment friendly materials. Application of LED lamps CLEVEO allows for the reduction in average energy consumption by 50%. It is promoted with the slogan: „Better lighting and lower bills”.
For the first time LED CLEVEO lamp was presented to public in September 2009 during the International Power Industry Fair ENERGETAB 2009. At present, standard orders are being received from both Poland and other countries.
Simultaneously, research and development works are conducted on a newer version of CLEVEO and on optional extensions of its functionality. Subsequent versions of the lamp will include e.g. some new and more energy saving LED’s, a newer and more efficient power supply system, wireless communication between an external interface and the lamp controlling unit. Additionally, it is planned to implement a remote and individualized control of the lamp via the power supply network.
For an average consumer, the CLEVEO lamp is, first of all, a source of light in the street at night. It can be used to light up maneuver areas, parking lots, industrial premises, residential areas, parks, pistes, etc. For a customer, who at the same time is its owner, the CLEVEO lamp is also a solution that helps to reduce energy consumption, control /adjust the parameters according to the needs, economize on operation and maintenance, achieve high reliability and a possibility to use the solar energy.


Reduction of energy consumption in the street lighting by at least 50%. Benefits: lower costs, higher energetic security (the saved energy can be used for other purposes), lower emission of CO2 from the coal power plants (which is very important as far as the CO2 emission limits are concerned), reduced demand for construction of new power plants. 
Enhanced visibility on the road thanks to: a relatively high colour rendering index Ra 75 (for a typical sodium lamp - Ra 25), thanks to a better uniformity of the light with the spectrum adjusted to the nighttime sensitivity of human eye (mesopic vision). Benefits: higher security, higher comfort of use, better visibility for the video monitoring cameras.
Reduced „littering up” of the environment with light, as the CLEVEO lamp sheds most of its light onto the street and very little beyond it. Moreover, it is equipped with a system that automatically turns the light down late at night. Benefits:  higher efficiency in illuminating the streets, limitation of the dispersed light – at night, less light get to people’s homes through their windows, it will be easier to see stars from the city.
Higher resistance to accidental or deliberate damage thanks to an enhanced mechanic strength of the CLEVEO lamp and the LED’s. Benefits: reduced costs of maintenance and service.
More energy saved and a higher security because of the brightness increase/decrease function in the CLEVEO lamp, with an external movement detector or monitoring system. Benefits: no wastage of energy for lighting when it is not necessary.
Money saved on the street lighting thanks to lower electric energy consumption and reduced maintenance and service costs can be used for other people’s needs.

Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

1)         Environmental benefits of using street lighting fixture CLEVEO are as follows:
a)         Lower electric energy consumption comparing to the conventional lamps with maintenance of a comparable level of visibility on the road.
b)         Lower electric energy consumption thanks to the energy saving mode working during the late night hours.
c)         Lower electric energy consumption thanks to the possibility of adjust the lamp parameters to the needs of the specific lighting system (e.g. light intensity of 10 lx is required, so 10 lx can be set up).
d)         Lower energy consumption thanks to the reduction of light loss beyond the road.
e)         Lower energy consumption thanks to the possibility of simple feeding from solar batteries or wind power generators.
f)         Lower energy consumption translates to lower emission of CO2 and other gases from the conventional coal power plants to the atmosphere.
g)         CLEVEO lamps are mercury free. They comply with the RoHS Directive. They can be recycled and do not pose any hazard to the natural environment.
2)         Economic benefits of using street lighting fixture CLEVEO are as follows:
a)         The energy savings find their reflection in lower energy bills for street lighting for local communities and companies.
b)         Long usable lifetime and high faultlessness of LED’s translate to lower maintenance costs.
c)         Advanced optical system helps fulfill the lighting standards with an increased distance between the poles, which reduces the installation, energy and maintenance costs.
d)         Lower electric energy consumption means a lower demand for construction of new power plants.
3)         Social benefits of using street lighting fixture CLEVEO are as follows:
a)         A relatively high colour rendering index (CRI) improves visibility on the road and increases safety and comfort of the road users.
b)         The optical system reduces losses caused by the illumination beyond the road and thus reduces „littering up” of the environment or casting light at windows at nighttime (this problem is discussed more extensively on
c)         The money saved on the street lighting can be used for other public purposes.

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