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A subject of present application is a new technology of municipal sewage treatment being  a mixture of  household and industrial sewage as well as rain waters. Its main aim is a profound reduction  of nitrogen and phosphorus in treated sewage drained to environment. This is a an author’s solution, created in Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) in Tarnow between 2002 and 2003, called TarDenPho®. It was being intensively tested for next 5 years aiming in collecting all possible data concerning sewage behavior and results obtained in different seasons, especially at law sewage temperature during winter, but also taking into account different concentrations and structure of nitrogen components present in industrial sewage from Azoty Tarnow as well as large amounts of rain waters.
Presented technology complies with all known basic processes of sewage treatment. Within mechanical purification there is a raked bar screen and vertical grit chambers which allow for separation of heavy fractions of pollutants in the incoming wastewater.  The third stage of mechanical treatment are primary sedimentation tanks which let the suspension settle and the formed sludge can be separately processed.
As a result of implementation of TarDenPho®, excellent parameters of purified sewage were obtained simultaneously with extremely low both investment and exploitation costs. Next profit was obtaining a stable quality of purified sewage, not dependently on the weather and concentrations or structure of nitrogen in raw sewage.


TarDenPho® technology may be implemented in all the municipal sewage treatment plants, which have problems with achieving low enough concentrations of biogenic compounds in drained sewage.
Taking above into account, one can say that implementation of TarDenPho® resulted in annual decrease of  total nitrogen emission to Dunajec river at the level of 300 Mg which takes effect in lack of growth of biomass in the river in a rate of a few thousands of tons.  It is hard to neglect such big reduction of biogenic substances to environment. However it is not easy to determine exactly the role of this process.
In November 2009 Tarnow Water Company Ltd.  received from Ministry of Environment a title of “Leader of Polish Ecology in 2009” in a category: A Company of Municipal Service for “Agglomerational and catchment model of water delivery and sewage collecting network in eastern Małopolska”. The award was only possible owing to implementation of TarDenPho® technology.

Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

Presented solution is a deepening of up to now used methods of mechanical-biological-chemical treatment of municipal wastewater. Undoubtedly implemented TarDenPho® is a completely new technology of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment – not implemented in other places and not published yet (not mentioning publications concerning TarDenPho® in Tarnow).  
Presented solution is not innovative if considering applied technical equipment. All the device – like classic stirrers, mechanically driven scrapers or reactor chambers - is used in traditional processes as well. 
A key element determining innovative character of TarDenPho® technology is application of chambers of recyrculated sludge denitrification connected with chamber of raw sewage predenitrification. The solution leads to creating good conditions for profound biological dephosphatation and particularly deep reduction of total nitrogen.

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