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Industrial parts washer PMPSCH 500T is a specialized machine manufactured on order, customized for specific customer requirements and necessary technologic process for parts. Machine concept was drafted in 2006 when a prototype PMPSCH 500T device was built. First studies on machine proved efficiency of ecological solutions applied in the machine providing machine user tangible benefits in significant decrease of energy consumption. Experience gained during manufacturing and from studies on machine performance helped to develop whole machine system in order to achieve even greater energy efficiency. This knowledge was used to design next generation of the PMPSCH 500T machine in virtual 3D environment provided by Autodesk Inventor. The next generation PMPSCH 500T machine was built for two customers from Germany.
Whole machine process is completely automated, washer automatically collects parts, automatically controls technological presets and supervises machine work all alarms and failures providing user comfortable exploitation. Effectiveness of EKO-PIL engineering allows minimal (even lower than 1 year) return on investment for buying washer from PMPSCH 500T series. These advantages met with appreciation of production plants across Europe.


Product distinguishes itself from traditional parts washers with radically decreased electric energy consumption, no emission of technological vapors into environment, significant reduction of water and chemical detergents consumption and in effect decreased amount of produced wastes. Product economic profitability and short return on investment period make ecology meet economy in this machine, making machine’s advantages significant to all users.

Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

Thanks to effective combination of number of innovative solutions applied in PMPSCH 500T cleaning machine following ecologic effects have been achieved:
  • radical - even tenfold - reduction of electric energy consumption, thanks to application of heat pump in machine system,
  • elimination of forced vapors’ emission from machine system to environment, thanks to application of fume condenser,
  • constant fluid regeneration with water condensed in fume condenser resulting reduction of energy, water and detergents consumption,
  • constant oil separation from fluid tanks thanks to application of OGP gravitational oil separator resulting reduction of energy, water and detergents consumption,
  • constant fluid filtration thanks to EKO-PIL thorough filer systems deprived of exploitation elements resulting reduction of energy, water and detergents consumption,
  • maximum isolation of machine systems resulting reduction of energy, water and detergents consumption.
 Innovative elements:
  • Closed loop circuit of heat energy charged with heat pump
  • System of heat exchangers optimizing heat management inside the machine
  • Closed loop circuit of air with fume condenser
  • Insulated fluid tanks and working area
  • OGP gravitation oil separation
  • Two stage filtration system without usable parts

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