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The VaporelR technology basically consists of a flash tank and a turbine. Hot water is led to the flash tank, and steam is generated. The steam is used to produce electricity in a turbine. Compared to a conventional boiler with electricity production, the electric output is lower, but so is also the investment cost.  
+ no need of interfering the boiler
+ no expensive rebuild of pressurized vessels or ancillary equipment
+ very high availability
+ smaller investment
- relatively low electric efficiency
- relatively large part of the produced electricity goes to the flash box pump.


When the market price for electricity rises, there is an increased interest in technology that produces electricity. For a plant producing only heat in a hot water boiler, a big investment cost is needed to build a new boiler for steam generation and electricity production. Instead, the plant can invest in the much cheaper VaporelR technology and have both hot water and electricity production.

Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

Environmental Aspects
Electricity from a biofuelled hot water boiler with VaporelR replaces marginal electricity, which most often is based on fossil resources.
Economic Aspects
The investment cost for a VaporelRunit is much lower than for a new boiler and turbine system

Application examples

An example is Kungälv energi, where there are two 10 MW hot water boilers. After installing VaporelR, 2.6 MW electricity is also produced.



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