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Pellvac’s suction systems are based on the following principle:
With the help of a central vacuum cleaner the pellets are transported from easily accessible pellets storage (for example in the garden) to the boiler room where pellets are automatically and continuously fed to the boiler. The advantage: you will never again have to carry heavy sacks of pellets to your boiler room the ash-cyclone without filter (WHIRLWIND) with its unconventional design and its astounding separation efficiency (99%) is a good example of the ingenuity from the Pellvac research team.


The main advantage is  spill - and dust free conveying.

Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

Special cyclones with 99% separation efficiency gives low emissions

Social (related to working conditions)

Spill-and dust-free conveying means less exposure to personnel working


The Pellvac system is competitive with other transport system and no extra costs for spill and dust handling

Application examples

  • Supplier of vacuum conveying systems for pellets applications in residential homes. 

  • Industrial vacuum systems

  • Cyclones

  • Sand blasting floors


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