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The raw material pre-treated with chemicals and then trans-esterified with the methoxid technology.  After mixing the solution passes through the reaction and separation tanks and then methanol is distilled from the solution, which is then washed and filtered to clean bio fuel.


The continuous Cold Process is distinguished by its small physical size, its high production capacity, its energy efficiency, its simplicity. A wide range of raw materials that can be used in the Cold Process, some of which comes from the food production industry, restaurants, fishing industry, slaughterhouses and waste facilities.

Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

Environmental Aspects
The increase in global greenhouse gas (carbon dioxide) from fossil fuels is stopped when the bio fuel is used.

Social Aspects (related to the work conditions)

The need for bio fuel will increase as more processors are needed, which in turn generates jobs.

Economic Aspects

When waste can be used as feed stock the production cost will bee about half the normal diesel pump price.

Application examples

The plants adapted to each customer's wishes
Potential customers are restaurants, food industry, recycling companies, fishing industry, energy companies, municipalities and county councils and so on.

Costs A very small plant producing 150 000 liters per year, price indication, 80 000 Euro. For a continuous process that produces one million liters per year, price indication 300 000 Euro.


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