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ReformTech is an independent supplier of the products to all vehicle manufacturers, fuel system suppliers, ship builders, sub-system integrators etc.
Our technology platform is highly scalable both in sizes/power output and with different input fuels. The platform is also built from industry standard components which assures a low cost, fast ramp-up in production and a high robustness and quality.
ReformTech’s strives to be a preferred partner to large systems integrators for delivery of customized solutions from ReformTech’s business areas. ReformTech has the capability and experience to operate as a strong development partner.


Clean Heaters:
ReformTech’s Clean Heaters delivers heat more environmental friendly than conventional solution.
ReformTech’s fuel driven heaters have a flame free catalytic combustion with many advantages:
  • higher efficiency (+90%)
  • zero dangerous emissions (no CO, no NOx, & reduced CO2)
  • multi-fuel solution that operates also on gasoline or diesel
  • directionally controllable heat radiation
  • low cost and robust performance
Reformer Systems:
Mobile fuel processors which generate hydrogen gas from currently available fuels at gas stations. The hydrogen gas can power a fuel cell that provides electricity 2-3 times more efficient than combustion engines and without dangerous emissions.
ReformTech has also developed a stationary reformer platform for available logistical fuels, which can be used for on-site hydrogen generation for hydrogen fuel cells, fuelling stations and industrial applications.

Hydrogen Exhaust Treatment:

The produced hydrogen gas from ReformTech’s reformer is utilized to reduce dangerous particle emissions (NOx) from large diesel engines. System integration will be carried out in close cooperation with large engine manufacturers or systems integrators (e.g., automotive companies).

Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

Environmental Aspects
Increased fuel costs, in combination with an exceptional environmental awareness from consumers, has created a surge for clean and efficient heat and power solutions, in both industry and consumer markets. Furthermore, the worldwide acceptance that there actually exists a definite relationship between global warming and greenhouse gases has pressurized legislators, globally, to introduce a series of new and aggressive environmental regulations.
 In order to reduce emissions and fuel consumption the automotive industry has developed new technologies aimed at increasing the performance of their existing technologies. The ultimate goal of a zero emission product can however only be attained by developing new technologies and not by simply improving existing products.
Fuel Cell systems have the potential to increase the efficiency of modern vehicles and conventional power systems, while simultaneously decreasing emissions and particulates. However, in order to make use of the existing infrastructure, a system for converting a commercially available fuel into hydrogen must be developed.
The development of mobile hydrogen generators, that can utilize the existing fuel infrastructure is therefore a necessity if the fuel cell technology is to be fully commercialized today –as the cost to introduce the hydrogen infrastructure is today far to large to make this a viable option.
The mobile hydrogen generators, which are being developed for fuel cell systems, have the potential to also reduce exhaust gas emissions in vehicles, as a replacement of the UREA SCR systems thereby creating new synergies for the fuel cell technologies.
 ReformTech’s core technology for fuel cell systems has also been proven to be a clean and reliable method for generating direct heat to both industrial and recreational applications. By implementing the catalytic system from the reformer into the fuel burners, it is possible to have a fuel flexible burner, with higher efficiency than conventional flame burners without the emissions of poisonous gases. The complete elimination emission of poisonous greenhouse gases, such as carbon monoxide (CO) and Nitrous Oxides (NOx) makes the ReformTech Flex-fuel burners the most attractive technology on the market.’

Social Aspects (related to the work conditions)

ReformTech is a Swedish company working on a Global market. ReformTech has Customers, Partners and Suppliers in all parts of the world. ReformTech puts high value in people; Employees, Customers, Partners and Suppliers. ReformTech’s goal is to become a new large Swedish industrial company in the clean economy.

Economic Aspects

ReformTech is positioned and aiming for to become one of the leading players in the catalytic fuel processing market, and by that one of the large players for the coming Fuel Cell market.

Application examples

Mobile Reformer Systems
Mobile fuel processors which generate hydrogen gas from fuels available at gas stations

Stationary Reformer System
ReformTech has also developed a stationary reformer platform for available fuels, that can be used for on-site hydrogen generation for hydrogen fuel cells, fuelling stations and industrial applications.

Type of collaboration sought
  •  Technical co-operation                
  •  Joint Venture agreement
  •   Manufacturing agreement
  •  Commercial agreement with technical assistance


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