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The tube collectors are produced from low-iron soda-lime glass (window glass) with a double-sided silicon dioxide nanoparticle coating. This makes it possible to achieve both good weather resistance and an anti-reflective effect. The anti-reflective effect increases the transparency of the collectors, ultimately increasing their efficiency. Any clouding caused by frequent contact with water could previously only be prevented by using special "borosilicate glass".
In the case of the Narva collector tube, the vacuum-sealed transition between the absorber and the glass tube consists of a robust glass/metal compound. This component is produced using the MBT (melt bead technology) process, where the glass is not subjected to tension. The constructional design of the compound can withstand both mechanical stress and stresses caused by the temperature changes resulting from sprinkling with cold water. The tubes are heated before evacuation to ensure an optimal vacuum quality. The cover conducts hardly any heat, so heat bridges are minimal.


The tube collectors are produced of normal window glass. 20% saving on material costs in comparison with conventional tube collectors are achieved.

Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

These vacuum tube collectors with their anti-reflection coating are highly efficient compared with conventional systems. Their vacuum-tight glass/metal compound between the cladding tube and the absorber also makes the product especially robust and durable. The compoundis produced using the MBT (melt bead technology) process, an innovative technique which avoids tension applied to the glass.

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The development of the collector received funding from the German Foundation for the Environment (DBU).


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