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Silver coating of aluminium strips increases the light reflectance for illumination purposes to over 98 % compared to 95 % when pure aluminium is used. The applied physical vapour deposition (PVD) technique replaces electrochemical processes which cause big quantities of waste water and sludge which had to be disposed to high costs. Together with an in situ optical control, the product shows a continuous light reflectance of >98 %, resulting in less scrap than with the former facility. The product is incorporated, amongst others, in solar collectors for hot water preparation and guarantees more efficient solar yield compared to glass mirrors. Thus, the technique unfolds its environmental friendliness in many respects.
The new facility also allows to coat with alternative materials for different applications like corrosion and abrasion protection.
ALANOD is one of the leading producers of PVD-coated aluminium coils worldwide. 30,000 tons of aluminium are coated annually. The latest facility equipped with the PVD coating technique (AIBA3) started production in 2005.


  • improved product quality (surface with higher light reflectance)
  • 570 tonnes of chemicals are saved annually
  • additional cost savings due to less scrap, no water or waste disposal costs
  • electricity consumption is reduced by 50 %
  • new product opportunities (different coatings with the same facility)

Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

Application of the sputter-technology is a novelty in the surface treatment field of application. In addition, the shift from electrochemical processes to PVD is a crucial step to more sustainable coating procedures.
In contrast to electrochemical coating techniques, there is no need for galvanic baths consuming enormous quantities of electrolytes (NaOH) and generating considerable amounts of waste water and sludge. The product itself contributes to higher efficiency in illumination and solar energy applications. Since there are no air emissions, production of waste water or handling of corrosive galvanic baths, work safety is broadly improved compared to standard wet chemical methods.

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Implementation of the new technique was supported by Environment Innovation Programme by the Federal Ministry for the Environment with €1.75 million.

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