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The cleaning and degreasing step is carried out in a closed basin (about 50 m3) by dipping the workpiece into organic solvents. After cleaning, the solvent is let off from the basin, entirely removed by application of vacuum and recaptured by condensation in a cold trap. The technique describes here is applied for the first time on industrial scale.


  • recycling of solvent (reduced Material costs)

  • energy efficiency: savings of 789 MWh/a compared to a conventional plant

  • reduction of VOC emissions

  • amortisation of only 3.25 years

Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

The VACUCLEAN PLUS method replaces the hot air drying resulting in reduced energy consumption and prevention of VOC emissions. The latter ensures compliance to EU-directive 1999/13/EG and corresponding German regulation (31. BImSchV) and also avoids exposure of harmful solvents to workers.

Application examples


Development and installation of the technique received funding from the Environment Innovation Programme by the Federal Ministry for the Environment of €240,000.


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