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Inside the heat exchanger, the media is guided in a counter current flow, ensuring an optimal heat transfer. Performance is comparable to stainless steel plate heat exchangers, reaching k-values of up to 1.8 kW/m2K. Pressure resistance is obtained by spiral coils in combination with close meshed grid for the flow passage. Since the product is resistant to sea water, the sea as an enormous heat source is made available for heating purposes in private homes or hotels. Temperature limit of heat exchangers is 95°C, pressures up to 6 bar can be applied.


  • corrosion proof plastics, no corrosion prone metals applied

  • suitable for aggressive fluids such as acid or alkaline solutions

  • high heat transfer performance

  • high insulation due to composition, no additional insulation needed

  • low fouling hazard due to even surfaces

  • low costs compared to standard stainless steel or titanium heat exchangers

Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

Plastic heat exchangers normally show relatively poor heat transfer characteristics. Makatec heat exchangers reach values comparable to metal components, which facilitates a wide variety of applications.

Application examples

Re-cooling system (sea water) for air conditioning equipment, transferred output:100 kW, volumetric flow rate: 20 m3/h; 2 boxes comprising 15 units in total; price: €3,200.
Heat pump for big commercial unit, heat source: sea water, transferred output: 500 kW, volumetric flow rate: 125 m3/h; 6 boxes comprising 12 heat exchange units, respectively (72 in total); price: €24,000.


Single units from €135-310, combined heat exchanger systems up to €24,000 (see application examples).

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