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After machining, cooling lubricants are usually washed off the components or removed by means of compressed air. Both processes require a lot of energy and pollute the workstations. The disposal of the resulting waste is subject to special monitoring to ensure that environmental pollution levels are kept to a minimum.
The dry-cleaning process makes use of electromagnetically generated vibrations, which are transferred to the component to be cleaned. It operates in frequency ranges of between 35 and
50 Hz, at which levels the oils and cooling lubricants on the surface are first put in a state of suspension, then shaken loose, vacuumed off and made available for recycling. A thin film of oil remains on the components for temporary protection against corrosion.


  • no VOC emissions
  • no waste water generation
  • 80 % reduction of operating costs

Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

Dry-cleaning of workpieces using electromagnetic vibrations is a completely new method which
makes the use of environmentally polluting solventsunnecessary. VOC emissions are completely avoided.

The compact "vibro-tec" dry-cleaning system can be integrated into the production process and used at various stages within it. No harmful emissions (aerosols, etc.) are produced through its application, which means that comparatively few precautions need to be taken at the workstations.

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