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Aluminium profiles for window frames, heat exchangers or copper heating coils, as well as brass products for home and motor vehicle construction, have a common denominator in the fact that all basic metals are easier to process once they have been preheated and softened. This is why the so-called depth-heating process using induction heaters is one of the standardised steps in the metal-processing industry.
Conventional induction heaters expose the metallic component to an alternating electromagnetic field, operating at a thermal output of up to 2 MW. The disadvantage of this process is that the field coils heat up along with the component.

HTS technology makes use of a direct current to generate a magnetic field in which the metal bolts are moved by a motor and thus heated by induction. During this process, the coil is not placed under thermal or mechanical load. An HTS induction heater (thermal capacity of 360 kW) consumes only 400 kW/h. One general advantage of superconductive materials is their ability to lose their electrical resistance once the temperature has fallen below a certain level, thus enabling them to transmit the current without loss in this state


The process of heating metal bolts via high-temperature superconductor technology means the bolts lose their electrical resistance at low temperatures, thus rendering them extremely efficient. When heating copper or aluminium, the efficiency factor rises to more than 90%. HTS induction heaters do not require water cooling.

Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

Metal bolts are processed much more energy efficient with induction heating using superconductors compared to standard induction heating. Energy consumption is reduced by over 50 %. No cooling of induction equipment is needed, resulting in further energy and water savings. For every single device, C02 emissions are cut from 1,600 down to 730 tons annually.

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