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Input: Biowaste (including contaminants), animal byproducts
Process: Mesophil / themophil continuous wet fermentation
Key features: Pretreatment line, pasteurization, completely mixed vertical digesters, CHP generator
Output: Biogas (electric power, heat), liquid fertilizer, separated contaminents
The AD process of Ros Roca guarantees highest possible flexibility for all possible organic feedstocks and treats the feedstock independent from moisture content and amount of contaminants. Contaminants are separated efficiently in a continuously operated pretreatment line ahead of the fermentation. Transport of waste through the pretreatment line is by hydraulic flow without any pumps. Organic waste which is crushed to a particle size < 12 mm is hygienized according animal by-product regulation 1774/2002/EC at a temperature > 70° for > 1 hour. The feedstock is treated in a completely mixed digester 15 – 20 days following a dewatering process. Digestate is free of contaminants and can be used directly in agriculture as valuable fertilizer and soil improver. Anaerobic digestion plants fulfill the highest emission standards and have highest possible security standards.


Treatment of feedstocks independent of moisture content and amount of contaminants. Efficient separation of contaminants ahead of fermentation. Production of high quality digestate for direct agricultural utilization. High specific biogas production. Continuous operation and low personnel requirements.

Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

Completely continuous operated anaerobic digestion process with high separation efficiency of contaminants. Flexible treatment of numerous feedstocks independent of moisture content and amount of contaminants. Hygienization of feedstocks with highest possible heat recovery efficiency. Biogas is cleaned and upgraded to bio methane which has natural gas quality that can be used as bio fuel or injected directly in pipelines.

Ros Roca anerobic digestion plants are equipped with extraction systems of odour loaded air. All processing equipment is closed and connected to air extraction system. Odour loaded air is treated by scrubber / biofilter. Excess water can be used as high quality, nitrogen rich liquid fertilizer or is treated according local requirements. Main equipment is encapsulated and installed in the building to reduce to a minimum noise emissions. Processing of waste is done completely in closed system and therefore methane emissions from the process can be avoided. Emissions of CO2 from wheel loader operation is avoided as waste is received in closed bunker systems with transport systems for further continuous processing.

Process is completely automatised and is operated continuously. No wheel loader operation is necessary. Processing is done in completely closed system. No manual sorting of waste is required. Waste is received in closed bunker systems and odour loaded air is collected from equipment. Furthermore, odour loaded air is collected from the receiving area and the machine hall. Process is operated from control room and works in the plant are only necessary for maintenance and inspection. Plants are separated in clean and unclean areas.

Plant design considers most economic operation. Minimum man power requirements by completely automatized and continuous waste processing. Early separation of contaminants especially reduces wear in the plant and maintenance work. Corrosion resistant material with high quality e.g. stainless steel is used to assure high lifetime. Efficient separation of contaminants and hygienization assures production of high quality digestate for direct utilization. Further processing steps for digestate are not necessary. Efficient solid separation assures excess water with low solid concentration.

Application examples

RosRoca biowaste plants in Germany:
  • 17,500 tpa of biowaste
  • In operation since 2005
  • 24,000 tpa of biowaste
  • In operation since 2005
  • 75,000 tpa of biowaste
  • In operation since 2005


Investment costs for biowaste AD plant with capacity of 15.000 t/y approx. 3 Mio. €, for 30.000 t/y approx. 4,5 Mio. €.

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