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WEBERTEX LTD. POLAND created in 2007 an innovative product - biostatic cotton fabric - offering an unique advantage for human HEALTH and HYGIENE. Our fabric with biostatic properties inhibits bacteria growth, which results in a decrease of the risk of bacterial infections and in the efficient elimination of unpleasant odour caused by bacteria metabolites. The biostatic effect has been achieved due to a durable connection of nanosilver dotted silica (product NAVIA TM of POCH S.A.) and cotton fabric. The microbiological tests conducted according to the AATCC 100-2004, ASTM E 2149-01 standards have shown the reduction of bacteria (Klebsiella pneumoniae, Staphylococcus aureus) on the fabric’s surface from 91% to 99,9%, which proves the biostatic properties of our fabric. The effectiveness of odour elimination has been proved by sensoric tests and the safety of our fabric has been confirmed by dermatological and toxicological tests conducted in accredited laboratories. The textile parameters meet the requirements of the European Prestandard ENV 14237 "Textiles in the Healthcare System". The very important advantage of our fabric is the limitation of biostatic activity only to the surface of the fabric as a factor deciding on biostatic properties does not show migration beyond the fabric’s surface. Another attribute of our product is a long-lasting biostatic effect after many washing cycles. The bacteria reduction on fabric’s surface after 20 washing cycles in conditions typical for hospitals or after 70 in home conditions is still very high: 89-92%. In the HEALTH ASPECT our innovative biostatic fabric gives an increase of PROTECTION through the reduction of the risk of a disease transfer. Thus, we offer bedclothes for hospitals, medical staff uniforms and protective uniforms for food production workers. In the ASPECT of HYGIENE and COMFORT our product guarantees an effective elimination of unpleasant odour, so it can be used for bedclothes, coat linings, shoes or pet lairs.


Reduction of bacteria (for example: Klebsiella pneumoniae, Staphylococcus aureus) on the biostatic fabric’s surface from 91% to 99,9% which results in the decrease of the risk of bacterial infections and in the efficient elimination of unpleasant odour caused by bacteria metabolites.

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