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This project aims to develop engineering composite materials made entirely from renewable resources. These bio-composites are composed of bio-derived resins reinforced by natural fibres and address the issue of environmental sustainability for future consumer and engineering products. Future product design requires sustainable processes and eco-innovation in material development and engineering applications. Bio-composites are being developed to address issues such as resource saving, lightweight, low cost, and eco-efficiency through stages of a product’s life cycle. A number of bio-composite systems (e.g. wood-filled polymers) are commercially available, but currently they are unable to compete with traditional composites due to their relatively low mechanical properties and durability. The main objective of this project was to make a breakthrough for SMEs in the development and use of engineering thermoplastic and thermosetting polymers and reinforcing materials mainly from natural resources, such as polylactide, starch and furan resins filled with woven and non-woven cellulose fibres and fibre mats or wood flour. A number of demonstrator components have been selected to drive the development of suitable materials. Once the materials have been developed and the properties required by the specifications have been met, a range of model products have been produced in a laboratory scale and tested.


CO2 emissions during manufacture and product lifetime will be reduced. Energy used for the manufacture of natural fibers represents only 1/3 of that for glass fibers. Low density permits lighter technical parts (density is half of this for glass fiber) offering further savings. Recycling potential will increase.

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