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The intensive geochemical survey initiated in 1991 has shown that detailed geochemical mapping of the Cracow-Silesia area should be regarded as an urgent priority. Since 1996 work related to the construction of a Detailed Geochemical Map of Upper Silesia at 1:25 000 scale is being conducted in areas of the highest cadmium, lead and zinc anomalies (about 2400 km2). The task has commenced with the establishing of instructions for mapping procedures and compilation of the pilot sheet Sławków. The eight successive sheets now completed – Olkusz, Myślachowice, Nowa Góra, Chrzanów, Dąbrowa Górnicza, Strzemieszyce, Jaworzno and Libiąż – illustrate the spatial distribution of elements in surface terrestrial environments such as soil and subsoil, water sediments and surface water. The principal sources of surface lead, zinc and cadmium pollution were found to be Triassic carbonate exposures i.e. country rocks for zinc-lead ores as well as long-lasting mining and dressing operations. Responsible for the surface pollution with other elements are the metallurgical and chemical industries, coal mines, power plants and refineries.


Detailed knowledge on the distribution of chemical elements concentrations in soils, aqueous sediments and surface waters of the region is not only essential for the land management and spatial planning authorities but also for agricultural, forestry, water management and municipal authorities.

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