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 Methane fuels in transport – Competences in the Baltic Sea Region and Estonian developments

06.12.2011 — 06.12.2011
9.30 – 10.00 Registration of delegates, Welcome coffee and tea
10.00 Opening of the seminar
           Welcome and introduction of organizing projects GasHighWay and SPIN
           Ahto Oja, Mõnus Minek Ltd and Antti Roose, University of Tartu
10.30 I session POLICIES: European experiences
           * How cities can contribute to a market development of clean vehicles – an example from Stockholm
           Jonas Ericson, Clean Vehicles in City of Stockholm, Sweden
           * Framework requirements and soft measures for an increasing CNG/CBG market in Austria
            Enrico Rose, Austrian Compost & Biogas Association, Austria
           * Biogas in Finland – with examples of traffic use
           Ari Lampinen, North Karelia Traffic Biogas Network Develop. Programme & Finnish Biogas Association, Finland
          *Danish experiences of developing methane fuels in transport (title TBD) Mikael Kau, Energy City Frederikshavn / Blue Planet Innovation, Denmark
12.00 Lunch
13.00 II session PROFITABLITY: methane fuels in transport as a business case
           * Biogas upgrading and injection into the natural gas grid under German conditions - technical and financial aspects
           Andrea Haas, International Biogas and Bioenergy Centre of Competence (IBBK), Germany
           * Comparison of economical feasibility - setting up technical infrastructure for electric cars and methane gas vehicles
           Tauno Trink, Mõnus Minek Ltd, Estonia
           * Profitability of converting truck fleet into bi-fuel – first practical experiences in Estonian company Horentica
Kristjan Relvik, Gaznet, Estonia
           * Good experiences and profitability of CNG public transport buses in the city of Tartu
           Kuldar Väärsi , SEBE bus company, Estonia
14.30 Coffee break
15.00 III session EXPERIENCES: first developments in Estonia and future perspectives
           * Methane fuels for transport - current developments in Estonia Jaanus Sahk, Enterprise Estonia
           * Potential, production and consumption of methane gases in 5 EU countries and Estonian perspectives
           Ahto Oja, Mõnus Minek Ltd and Estonian Biogas Association, Estonia
           * Converting diesel- and otto-engines to natural gas, best practices in Estonia and introduction of feasibility calculator
            Kristjan Relvik/Marten Lombiots, Gaznet Ltd, Estonia
           * First-hand experiences of converting a car to methane gas
           Rein Haak, Tartu City Governance, Estonia
16.30-17.30 Practical presentation of selected methane gas vehicles - test ride with a methane gas bus to gas station and back for those who are interested; possibility to drive and see methane gas cars and cars rebuilt to use methane gas.

It is the participation of foreign guests that will make the event transnational – we look forward to welcoming you in Tallinn, Estonia!