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Wirtschaftsperspektiven zwischen Skandinavien und der Adria - Grüner Transport - Nachhaltige Logistik - Erneuerbare Energien

01.01.1970 — 01.01.1970
The Central European area becomes a key region between East and West since the EU enlargement in 2004. Economic chances and potentials meet a substantial need of more integration, a growing together and cooperation across borders. The functional integration and dependency of economic, political and social actors should be taken into consideration. The EU meets the challenges by developing a strategy until 2020 and supports activities by providing financial resources of the structural funds. Also cities and regions are using the possibilities, especially in the frame of European cooperation projects, to create preconditions for strong regions and an economic successful Central Europe.

An important preconditioning for a successful development of a dynamic economic area between Scandinavian and the Adriatic Sea is the integration of central European regions. This not only applies to the policy, administration, transport, science and society, but rather especially for the economy. Regarding some leading economic sectors the cross-border cooperation potentials are immense.

This is also an important part of the project SoNorA (South North Axis). Background of the project is the development of strong economic regions between the Baltic and the Adriatic Sea. During the project several discussion rounds identified and discussed economic sectors in Germany, Poland, Austria, Slovenia, Czech Republic and Italy, which have special impact on the economic and territorial cooperation.

In the conference "Economic perspectives between Scandinavian and the Adriatic Sea - Greening Transport - Sustainable Logistics - Renewable Energies", that will take place on the 3rd of November 2011 in the event hall of the Chamber of Commerce Berlin (Ludwig Erhard Haus), experts from the whole region will deal with the future of selected economic sectors, European framework requirements, potentials and needs of actions.

Representatives of policy and economy will discuss the preconditions and advantages of long-lasting cooperation across borders and will identify content-related key aspects of future regional and economic development.

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