I-SUP2010 - 2nd International Conference on Innovation for Sustainable Production in Bruges, Belgium

18.04.2010 — 21.04.2010
‘Greening the economy’ is not just a hype. Scarcity of resources, economical and ecological costs of waste streams as well as social awareness force modern society to sustainable production and consumption processes. Sustainability urges a fundamental rethinking of our consumption and production pattern. We must seek to integrate product and process design, properly choose our raw materials, minimise energy use and waste generation by interconnecting related industries both downstream and upstream. Therefore the second edition of i-SUP2010, a large international conference focusing on innovative sustainable production methods, will be organized in Bruges (Belgium) in April from 18-21, 2010. The unique setup of this conference brings together scientists, entrepreneurs, engineers, and students from universities on six distinct but well interrelated themes. The conference concept and the stimulating atmosphere of historic Old Saint-John’s Hospital in Bruges provide a unique opportunity for participants to learn in many ways. 

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