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 SPIN workshop "Decentralised water treatment - how does the water framework directive influence it?"

21.09.2011 — 21.09.2011
IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute together ith Stockholms Milj√∂teknikcenter (SMTC) and Swedish  environmental Technology (SET) arranges a seminar about current activities in decentralised water treatment for  companies and authorities. Obstacles and opportunities for innovative SME will be highlighted.
The water framework directive is currently implemented all over Europe including management plans, actions plans for the coming years etc.
What does that mean in practice? Are there innovative solutions that can help in implementation of the directive? Are they ready for coming needs? How are companies and authorities affected of the implementation? This and more we will look at during the seminar.

Date: Wednesday 21 September
Time: 10.00-16.00
Place: will be provided later, in Stockholm
Registration: at latest on 5th of Sep to
Moderator: Olle Hammarström