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SPIN Workshop - Biogas futures in the Baltic Sea Region and in Estonia: Technology transfer, development and policy support, 10th February 2011 - Tallinn, Estonia

10.02.2011 — 10.02.2011
The SPIN workshop was intended for knowledge and technology transfer and macro-regional matchmaking of the biogas sector in the Baltic Sea Region and Estonia. The emphasis is put on discussing efficient policies, support schemes, development drivers and innovation environment for biogas sector. European, national and local policy-makers will take part in the seminar as well small and medium sized companies who are involved in bioenergy/biogas value chain and management and are interested in gaining knowledge on latest sector developments and technological progress.
The Seminar is supported by the EU funded INTERREG SPIN project, the flagship of EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region, which is dedicated to support small and medium sized companies to improve their environmental sustainability aiming to reduce their environmental impact.

The workshop supported SMEs and policy-makers by:
- Informing of policy developments, support schemes, innovation highlights and best practices of biogas sector in BSR and Estonia
- BSR matchmaking and technology transfer platform for SMEs
- Discussing SME needs, barriers and necessary actions

All the presentations can be dowloaded in the following links.