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SPIN Workshop - Sustainable Packaging, 22 March 2011, Kaunas, Lithuania

22.03.2011 — 22.03.2011
Sustainable innovations are based on reduction of hazardous materials or their substitution with less hazardous materials, process modification to reduce pollution or to use waste for production of new products, including newly
designed recyclable products. These aspects are particularly important in the packaging sector as this sector produces big volume of waste and has high eco-efficiency potential.

Effective innovations with high performance improvement potential can only bee generated in close cooperation
between representatives of research and industrial/ business organisations. To promote such co-operation,
international seminar “Sustainable Innovations in Packaging Sector” is organised. The topics covered in the
seminar are the following:
  • New and alternative packaging materials;
  • Packaging functionality improvement;
  • Modular and multifunctional packaging;
  • Packaging reuse and recycling.
Representatives of enterprises and other organisations involved in development, production, importing of packaging and organisations involved in research in the are of packaging are invited to present their experience, research results, new methods or technologies related to the topics of the seminar, to establish new business contacts, to find potential partners for implementation of available innovations in the packaging sector.
Objectives and activities implemented in the framework of international project SPIN – Sustainable Production through Innovation in SME’s will be presented in the seminar. Lithuanian SMEs will be invited to use expertise from the SPIN project, i.e. during the seminar and as a seminar follow-up, SPIN experts will consult and will assist in search of financing sources for implementation of sustainable innovation in the packaging sector. Project is partly financed by European Union and all mentioned services for SMEs are free of charge.

Registration until the 1st of MARCH 2011 by e-mail: or fax: +370 37 209372. Please use link to download Registartion Form,