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 3rd Greenovate! Europe - ZVO Workshop on “Sustainable Manufacturing in Europe”, Brussels, Belgium

01.02.2011 — 01.02.2011
The European surface finishing industry is highly innovative. Over 10,000 mainly small and medium-sized companies supply fast-moving industry sectors such as automotive and aeronautics with high-tech surfaces but also mass markets such as fixtures or sanitary fittings. They produce corrosion-resistant and embellished surfaces handling and using substantial amounts of chemical substances, water, energy and materials.

In the last 10 years, the industry has realised important efforts towards more environmental-friendly processes. Nevertheless, the potential of environmental innovations is not yet sufficiently used and the daily business of handling chemicals remains challenging.

Environmental legislation and resource efficiency are key drivers for the competitiveness of the sector. However, to accelerate and improve the application of environmental-friendly processes and technologies, European standards and criteria need to be defined, harmonised and implemented.

Currently, so-called Best Available Techniques (BAT) are setting de facto standards for technologies and industrial installations that potentially have a strong impact on the environment. To this end, detailed specifications and technical data are compiled in reference documents (BREF) which help to define standards and norms. Whilst the setting of standards is desired and necessary for existing technologies, it might at the same time hamper the introduction of innovative approaches.

The Workshop will take a closer look at the interaction of innovation and environmental legislation and offers successful case studies from European manufacturing SMEs.
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