Workshop of the EU Project SPIN - Commercial Refrigeration with natural Refrigerants, Nuremberg, Germany

SPIN (Sustainable Production through Innovation in SMEs) promotes mutual transfer of eco-innovations in the Baltic Sea Region (BSR) in order to help improve the environmental performance of SMEs whilst creating business  opportunities for innovation providers. Through its partner organisations across the BSR, the transnational project has excellent contacts to stakeholders in the region. It is these contacts which ensure the dissemination of important novelties and innovations in environmental technologies across national borders (for more Informationen see

Many innovative SMEs in the refrigeration sector are based in the BSR. Market leaders for equipment with natural refrigerants are found especially in Denmark, Sweden and Germany. Commercial refrigeration systems with natural refrigerants are seeing a growing market share in Germany, with CO2 systems leading the way. However, due to resistance in parts of the refrigeration community and higher investment costs, such systems have not yet been deployed on a broader scale.

The workshop addresses craft companies which face the challenge of innovative refrigeration technologies and want to broaden their expertise. It will present environmentally friendly techniques and financing possibilities for end users. As large retail companies and other operators are starting to switch their equipment to natural refrigerants, companies with
know how in how to install and service such systems will encounter growing business opportunities with installation and maintenance.

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